Zack joined our family in December 2004, after having been rescued from The Spalding County Animal Shelter in November. As we had done with Jake, and only after there was no chance for local adoption, Christine Greene and I used Spalding County's "Last Chance" program and committed to saving this little guy. After leaving the shelter Christine made sure he received veterinary care and fostered him until transport north could be arranged. On December 11th I met Christine's son Ryan in Greenwich, Connecticut as he was traveling to a Plymouth, Massachusetts rescue organization with several other dogs Christine had saved from Spalding. Maureen chose his name based on an earlier transport we had done for a dog named Isaac. Zack was in amazingly good health although slightly underweight. He has been neutered and is beginning to gain a little weight now at 19 pounds.

This is "Maddox" as the shelter had named him, as he sat in Spalding County A.S.

How this little guy could wind up on death row, without somebody claiming him is hard to understand.

Here's Jake and Zack....our two Spalding County terrier adoptions.


Zack is young but very, very bright....problem solving bright. He reminds Maureen and I of Dickens in so many ways. He lives each day to fullest, he's extremely inquisitive and has completely taken control of our pack, including the new challenge of mentoring Atticus. An endless bundle of energy that loves to play...frequently with 99lb Radley. He makes up for his short stature by his amazing jumping ability and overall agility.....this may not be a good thing;-)


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