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There's some great information around the internet on how to modify your TS9, TS5, or TS10 Tubescreamer distortion pedal. There's no need for me to rehash all that information. There's links below that will take you to those great sites. This is just a small twist I added to that modification. I use a socket instead of soldering the op amp to the printed circuit board. That way you can change the op amp, and in doing so change the tonal qualities of your Tubescreamer's distortion. The original TS9's came with legendary JRC 4558 op amp from the Japanese Radio Corp. Later models including the TS9 reissue came with several other less desirable op amps. So just replace the op amp of your favorite Tubescreamer with the JRC 4558, right? Well yes if all you want is one type of distortion, albeit a great one! But, by putting a socket in the circuitry you can easily remove one op amp and replace it with another. Effectively changing the type of distortion created. Some of the best alternatives I've found include the JRC 2068, the LM 833, the TL 072ACN, as well as several others I'm still experimenting with. Here's what the modification looks like in a TS9 reissue.....


                  Ibanez TS9 Tubescreamer Reissue           

TS9 Printed Circuit Board With Op Amp Socket

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