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Formed in 1967 from two existing bands, The Esquires & The Frets, the members of this group were from Penn Hills, Pa. and Plum Boro, Pa. They became some of my best and out of music. Ed Finke, Tom Strattan, Lew Newhard, Steve Ainsworth, John Hegnes, Chuck Felt, Jack Farnsworth, Stephen Love and of course myself were all contributors during the time the band was together. The 3rd Edition eventually disbanded in the fall of 1968 when most of the players had moved on to attend college.

I continued to play in various groups and perform a variety of music for several years. My primary love was the blues and R&B. By the early 1970's it was time to get on with my "life's work". So I set my performing aside to pursue a career and raise a family. These days I play and compose for my own enjoyment, but I still enjoy playing with a band when I can. I'm glad to say that I stay in touch with most of my former band-mates and in fact many of them are still performing today.

One member of the 3rd Edition...Steve Love...decided to make a career of music. After graduation from Plum High School he moved to Nebraska to attend college. There he became good friends with a bass player named Randy Meisner. Randy had been to California and not found success, so he returned to Nebraska. Steve convinced Randy to give it another try. So Steve left college and they moved to California. Things went a little better this time. Randy became the original bass player for The Eagles. Steve played bass, wrote and sang with Rick Nelson's Stone Canyon Band. As a member of the Stone Canyon Band, Steve would perform and write on Nelson and the band's platinum selling "Garden Party" album. Later Steve performed with Roger McGuinn of the Byrds, New Riders of the Purple Sage, The Stories, Hall & Oates and The Roches. 


Here are some photos and memorabilia of those times

...and today...  

Lew & me at a guitar show in 2002
Picture courtesy of Debra Newhard

Steve Ainsworth, Lew Newhard and me at
The Igniters Reunion Show August, 2003



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