I love music. I've played a number of musical instruments...some better than others<g>. The list includes trumpet, viola and my main loves....the guitar and keyboard. In my youth I played and sang professionally for almost ten years. The 3rd Edition was one of my most enjoyable and successful experiences.

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 For the last several years, I have developed a passion for restoring vintage Fender amplifiers. What is presented on these pages includes some of the gear I've been fortunate enough to own over the past few years. Some of it was in pretty bad shape when I acquired it. But after some work and TLC it was almost as good as new. It's hard to keep everything, so many of the amps and guitars are now owned by other players. To read more about my Fender amplifier restorations click on the Vibro Champ.

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To see some of the amplifiers and guitars I have owned, click on the '66 Champ

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 I also perform modifications to effects pedals, including the famous Tubescreamer®, by Ibanez. Including TS5, TS9 and TS10

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