In January 2002, shortly after losing Scout to Chronic Renal Failure, we learned of a dog in great need that Animal Friends of Pittsburgh was providing medical treatment. He had been brought to the shelter nearly dead after having been found near railroad tracks. His back leg had been seriously broken with extensive skin and tissue damage. Apparently as he lay dying the tips of his ears had been eaten by rats. Lionel, as the shelter had named him (after the "Lionel Model Trains")...would soon need a foster home where he could continue his recovery. We accepted the challenge and in January 2002 we began Lionel's foster care in our home. Initially this included trips to Animal Friends every other day for wound treatment and examination, by March Maureen and I were entrusted to change his bandage and care for his now healing wounds. Lionel was initially very cautious but this soon gave way to a wonderful personality of playfulness, patience and trust. By April he was ready for a permanent home....So of course he became a "forever" member of our family in April of 2002.

When we first met Lionel at Animal Friends it took 30 minutes before he would even approach me.



Now...he rarely leaves my side

Lionel is an amazing friend and companion. His patient countenance and calmness seems almost regal at times. He is playful, tolerant, instinctive and actually obedient. We've had a wide range of guesses as to his age, but general consensus is between 9-11 years old as I write this in late 2006. It's hard to believe he's been with us almost five years. Although we don't know his history before his injury, he only now is overcoming his distrust of most men. He is very patient with the young, smaller dogs, loves women and is eerily protective of children.


Sometimes he enjoys just laying in the snow







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