On April 12, this little guy was sitting in the Spalding County Animal Shelter near Griffin, Georgia.
His picture seemed to convey that typical cocky terrier attitude.
 He had been scheduled to be "unavailable after 4:30pm" on that day.
 That means he was to be euthanized.


Only with the help of a local rescuer, Christine Greene, was saving "Tony" as the shelter had named him... possible. After completing the required adoption information for the animal shelter, Tony was moved from animal control to foster care with Christine. With her help we were able to arrange an immediate veterinary checkup for Tony. Unfortunately he tested positive for heartworm...although thankfully he was not displaying any symptoms.

Jake, the day he joined our family.

Jake.....a year later

It took two weeks, but thanks to the dedication of Lu, Ivonne, Nikki and Christine transportation
 was arranged for Tony that brought him from Georgia
 to New Jersey. We met the transport on Saturday
 April 24th 2004 and Tony was home that evening.

In honor of our beloved Dickens we chose the name Jacob
from the famous Dickens' character Jacob Marley...Jake for short.

Jake was neutered, treated for tapeworm and hookworm and completed heartworm treatment.
He is a healthy, happy ball of energy and affection who has truly captured our hearts. His light coloring and markings, plus his green eyes make him exceptionally handsome. He is affectionate beyond words.... 

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