The idea.....

The idea for Gathering Dust, came from necessity. As baby boomers reaching middle age and parents of grown children we had accumulated  more than our share of toys, collectibles, crafts, computer parts, musical instruments, books, furniture......well the list is endless. After 30 years we were beyond our ability to not only keep but really enjoy everything. We looked around one day and decided it was crazy to be holding on to virtually everything we had ever owned! Then our parents began moving from their life long homes, and we were confronted with all the accumulated treasures of another generation. It was time to literally "clean house". As we gently sorted and reminisced, we realized two important things. 

First, we no longer placed the same value on these things that we once had. Yes it was fun looking through everything, but these things had been put away, untouched for years. How important could they really be? And yet we also realized that someone else might deeply appreciate them. Don't laugh, but we found that unfair! Second, we firmly believed much more could be done for our family with the money that their sale would generate, than any pleasure in knowing all this was sitting in a box in the basement or in storage somewhere! 

We also began encouraging our friends and relatives to look hard at their possessions..."Stuff" as we call it.. and ask "do I really need, use, or appreciate this anymore?" There are so many wonderful things we all own, that really aren't as meaningful as they once were. They were simply.....GATHERING DUST! 

What we did...

What to do with it all, became the next big question. That's when we discovered eBay. offered us a viable way to offer our "Stuff" to the world, and frankly make some money doing it. We felt from the beginning it would be fun and it has been. The people we have auctioned with have been great! It really has been enjoyable seeing a collector rejoice in a 45 year old Rootie Kazootie record, or the family who is collecting coins as a way of spending time together. 

Where it took us...   

This is still a hobby and great source of enjoyment for us, even though we take the business aspects very seriously. To us, the idea of recycling possessions, has great advantages to all consumers. It moves valuable resources from the people who don't want or appreciate it anymore, to the people that do. It puts collectibles in the hands of the folks that can really appreciate and enjoy them. And it generates money for families to reinvest in themselves. Look around! Ask yourself "How important is that to me? If I had cash in my hand, instead of "this" could I do something better for myself or my family? This probably isn't for everybody, but for us it's been enjoyable and rewarding for our family.

Maureen & Craig





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