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 June 2006

Happy Birthday

Adler's 4th Birthday

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Monte & Melanie

On June 17, Monte proposed and Melanie accepted while dining at the Cafe d'Arte in Greensboro, N.C.
Unknown to Melanie...Monte had arranged for their families to share this special evening.


Shenandoah National Park

On the fifth anniversary of our 2001 trip we returned to the Shenandoah National Park...this time with Nikki, Maureen and Adler. We spent just a day and two nights but were able to hike Hawksbill....Adler's first ever hike...Dark Hollow Falls and Pocosin Mission. We also visited Big Meadows, Black Rock and several other sites. 



May 2006

The Lord is calling now I must go,
but before I go I want you to know,
I know it hurts to lose a friend,
but I'll always be with you even to the end

John Quealy

(Shenandoah Moonbeam)

January 1991- May 2006

Our little Beamer has crossed the Rainbow Bridge to be with his "Brothers" ...Scout, Dickens and Hector.

Click his photo to read our tribute to this amazing little friend.


April 2006

Happy Easter


March 2006

We are saddened by the sudden passing of our brother in law Bill Talley's mother, Mary "Sid" Talley.
Maureen & I remember her kindness, generosity and great affection for her family.


February 2006

Maureen, Nikki and Adler visit Silver Spring

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December 2005

Merry Christmas

Adler with a few of her gifts


November 2005

Happy Thanksgiving from Argyle, NY

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October 2005


Adler with some treats

September 2005

In late September Monte and Melanie visited and spent several days enjoying
the sights, shopping, dining and history of our area, including dinner
 at one of our favorite places...The Anvil Inn Restaurant

Melanie, Monte and Maureen at "The Egg" at Empire State Plaza in Albany

Monte & Maureen in front of the Capital Building, Albany

Melanie gets licks from Radley


August 2005

the Igniters Reunion2

On August 5th, The Igniters got together for another evening of fabulous music. 
As in 2003  for IR1 Maureen & I were joined by Lew & Deb Newhard
 and Steve & Connie Ainsworth for a truly memorable time. 


We were also joined by friend and former
Penn Hills classmate Bill Smith, seen here with Lew.


the Igniters

and a sample of their great, great sound...

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Click here to visit the Igniters website and watch for the CD and/or DVD of this show.


June 2005

The Tower Family Reunion

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Congratulations Will Talley

   Graduation June 10, 2005
Constitution Hall D.A.R. Washington D.C.


December 2004

Meet Zachary

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 August 2004
The Zeffiro's welcomed a new member to their family with the arrival of Fosse


June 2004

We are saddened by the sudden passing of my aunt Virginia Hart my mother's older sister. Ginny was a very, very special person. She was for many years the "rock" of my maternal family....wise, compassionate, strong and loving. She is survived by her sister Fran and her children, my cousins Mary and Howard and many grandchildren.


 A very special treat when Jack & Rob visited us for a few days. It was all part of the "Dead Presidents Tour 2004" as Rob continues his quest to visit the graves of all deceased presidents. Locally he was able to visit the graves of Chester A. Arthur, Calvin Coolidge and Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt. We also visited the New York State Capital Building in Albany.


May 2004

Happy Birthday Monte!
Maureen & I traveled to North Carolina for Monte's Birthday, celebrated with some special family & friends.

Rob, Maureen, Jack and Monte

We also were able to stop in Edinburg, Va and spend a thoroughly enjoyable evening with my cousin David and his wife Barb. David is now retired from E.S. Tower Engineering but his days remain full 

April 2004

On April 24th we welcomed another new
canine member to our family...Jake. Read more here.

March 2004

On March 27 we welcomed a new
member to our family...Radley. Read more here.


February 2004

Father Robert Tucceri, Maureen's uncle...her mother Gloria's brother... passed away at his parish in Bellevue, Ohio.

January 2004

Mary Louise Tower

Peacefully in the early hours of January 17, 2004 after years of courageously battling cancer and Alzheimer's disease my mother passed away. Maureen & I were at her side. While we are saddened that she is with us no more, we rejoice believing she is at last with my father and has escaped the darkness of Alzheimer's. Sincere thanks to everyone who has supported us including our family, her dear friends Joe & Elva Letzkus and her friends from the Whitehall Police Department. Read our tribute by clicking on her photo.


 October 2003

Dickens 1989-2003

Our special little boy passed away on October 19. Sincere thanks to all of you who have provided support through your calls, letters, cards and emails. His loss has affected Maureen & me deeply. Please take a moment and read our tribute to him. We also ask that you remember how valuable the life of a companion animal is by making a donation to your local shelter.

Dickens Tribute


August 2003

During a visit in August Will Talley caught around 30 smallmouth bass while fishing the Hudson River. Here's a couple photos from that day.

Move cursor slowly over picture for caption. Click to enlarge.

On August 22, there was a reunion performance by the best band in Western Pennsylvania during the late 1960's...The Igniters. For pictures  and to purchase a CD of the show visit their website here.  It was a great evening of memories and music, shared with a couple of my friends from the 3rd Edition Lew Newhard and Steve Ainsworth.

Steve, Lew and Craig

My thanks to Maureen, Debra Newhard and Connie Ainsworth, for sharing this memorable evening.

June 2003
On June 11 our friend Ruthgay Goldenson passed away after a lengthy illness. Maureen & I worked with Ruthgay and her daughter Gigi for the better part of fifteen years. She was a friend and mentor. She was a genuinely unique person, with an amazing sense of dedication and a tireless worker. We thoroughly enjoyed her sharp wit, sly sense of humor and her unrepentant candor. It was our good fortune to be Ruthgay's friend and we shall miss her. 


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