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Our life together has been an unusual, often unpredictable yet enjoyable journey....our children, our granddaughter and our canine companions have been a great source of happiness and satisfaction. Many years ago we decided to open our hearts and home to dogs in need. Our "boys" have been an amazing source of love, learning and companionship. They have given us far more than we could ever hope to repay.

Our extended, somewhat nontraditional family has been a wellspring of enjoyment, learning and love. 

What we do together....

Our Boys.....

Our Extended Family.....

 During the summer of 2001, several experiences caused Maureen & me to look critically at our values and goals. We began looking at life from a different point of view. It wasn't as important to have the best, most expensive or as many as possible. Our time together and with our family had always been important, but now we felt an even greater urgency. We also were becoming more involved in canine rescue and aid of all companion animals.

 We came to believe that our jobs and where we lived were preventing us from pursuing many of life's possibilities as well as living the quality of life we wanted. So we decided to change it all. We sold our longtime home on Cherry Valley Rd in Pittsburgh and on January 15, 2003 Maureen and I loaded up the dogs and moved to Argyle, NY. In this move we saw the opportunity to spend quality time together, doing the things we enjoy, We really wanted to experience life in a different part of the country away from all that we disliked about living in a metropolis. We chose this area for many reasons. In June 2002 our granddaughter, Adler, was born. We wanted to be part of her life. There were new job and recreation opportunities.  If you follow this link you'll see many of our favorite reasons.

Why Would Anyone Move To Washington County, New York?

Our home is located on 7.2 acres of beautiful fields and wooded rolling hills, nestled between the Green Mountains of Vermont and The Adirondacks and Hudson River Valley. We have an active creek that flows into the Moseskill Creek, a tributary of the Hudson River. There are large beautiful pines, birch and many other varieties of trees.

The winter has been generally mild...except for the 28" snowfall on Valentine's Day...and is now beginning to break.  The night air is still below freezing but days are warming into the 40's and occasionally 50's The sky remains crystal clear. While much of the landscape is still barren we know spring is around the corner.

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