Our Companions

We are a family of animal lovers. Our home and hearts have
 always been open to canine companions. Over the years we've rescued, fostered or adopted a number of dogs. They've given us their unconditional love. We've tried to repay them with loving care and a good home. Our multiple dog life began when Scout joined our household that included Hector. A couple years later Dickens joined the group and shortly thereafter Beamer. As one friend has passed, we've tried to adopt a dog in need. We currently have six canine family members....our newest additions are little Atticus and not so little Bailey. In many ways our lives have been measured by the canine company we keep.


Another rescue from Spalding County Animal Shelter in Georgia, Bailey is forty-five pounds
and very athletic. This picture from the shelter doesn't do him justice...he's outgoing and fearless
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On August 26th, a six pound, white ball of furry energy joined our family....
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Life as a dog in our house is really hard..

Jake, Lionel & Zack



Our Boys

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Canine  Friends


Tributes To Our Very Special Boys....

Scout 1987-2001
 Dickens 1989-2003
Beamer 1991-2006
 T.J. 1992-2007

To all our boys who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge...
we miss you all so much...



Some of Our Companions From Years Past.....






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