On August 26th & 27th, Maureen and I traveled to Ohio to adopt this little ball of furry energy. He had been rescued from an Amish "breeder" ...puppy mill... along with his brother and two sisters.  


As we anticipated, he was was welcomed by our boys with varying degrees of "enthusiasm"...the terriers love him, Ninety-nine pound Radley is carefully curious...but his usual sweet self and Lionel and TJ could care less;-) Weighing just six pounds Atticus is every ounce a Westie, already showing no fear and supreme confidence that he can do anything the other boys can do.

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The name Atticus continues our use of characters from the Harper Lee Novel
"To Kill A Mockingbird"...just as we had done with "Scout" and "Radley".

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More pictures and the rest of the story to follow......






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