Awhile back I picked up this distressed Bassman 10. At first glance it looked pretty bad but all I could see were possibilities! Was I ever right! After replacing the caps, installing N.O.S. tubes and  speakers and doing some other cosmetic work this baby "sings the blues".

before4.jpg (11449 bytes)  

There were no speakers when I got it. My choice was to use a mix of (2) vintage CTS alnicos and (2) new C10R Jensen Reissue ceramics. I like mixing speakers this way because I prefer the tonal balance it creates. 

before3.jpg (13831 bytes)

The cabinet was in pretty good shape...minimal tolex damage. Unfortunately the grill cloth could not be saved.

before2.jpg (21545 bytes)      before6.jpg (19855 bytes)

Fortunately the wring was in decent shape, and had not been damaged or modified.   

before1.jpg (12800 bytes)before5.jpg (12881 bytes)

The caps were all bad, but the transformers were original and in good condition.

It's amazing what a little TLC can do....

bassman10.jpg (22306 bytes)

bassman10b.jpg (42440 bytes)  bassman10c.jpg (25088 bytes)

Here's the completed project. It sounds as good as it looks. Like so many of my projects this amp has moved on and is now owned by a blues player in southern California. Oh well, ya can't keep 'em all



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